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Subjects Taught
Fourth Grade


Bachelor's Degree - Elementary Education (University of Southern Mississippi/Hattiesburg, MS))

Master's Degree - Elementary Education (William Carey University/Hattiesburg, MS)


Lillie Burney Elementary (Hattiesburg, MS) 5th grade - 6 years

Hawkins Elementary School (Hattiesburg, MS) 3rd grade - 1 year

Phillips Preparatory School (Mobile, AL) 6th grade Language Arts - 1 year

Spencer-Westlawn Elementary (Mobile, AL) 4th grade - 4 years



It's my pleasure to introduce myself. I am La'Sandra T. Moore. I am a fourth grade teacher here at Spencer-Westlawn Elementary School. This is my fifth year here at Spencer-Westlawn and my tenth year total. I love teaching! It is my passion, and I work extremely hard at providing quality instruction and engaging students through fun and exciting activities that encourage them to become more independent learners. I am ecstatic to be apart of such an amazing team at such an amazing school!

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