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Fourth Grade



05/84, Advanced Diploma, Escambia County High School

12/06, B.S. Elementary Education, University South Alabama

12/11, Masters Degree Elementary Education, University South Alabama


 I have been teaching for twelve years. I have taught fourth grade for those all of those twelve years. I pride myself on getting students to reach their highest potential.  I encourage students to be responsible for their learning and achievement. In order to be successful in today's world individuals must learn to excel in whatever they do. They must take their strengths and magnify them while taking their weaknesses and increase their ability in those areas as well instead of feeling they cannot achieve in those areas as well. I believe that all students are capable of achieving academic growth. I have worked extensively with the math curriculum and the implementation of strategies and ideas to increase student's mathematical achievement. Being a good reader is an integral part of mathematical success. My goal is create a desire and ability in students to become thinkers, questioners, problem solvers, innovators and life long learners. In my nine years of teaching I have gained a great deal of knowledge in regard to practices and strategies to help students who may struggle with reading and math. I have realistic approach to encouraging students to always set high standards for themselves and never be satisfied with less than their best. I encourage students to be strategic in their thinking. I believe that time is valuable. I do not believe in wasting my student's time, but I give them my all each and every day and I accept no less from them.


I am originally from Atmore, AL. I moved to Mobile in 1998. I attended the University of South Alabama. I have been teaching for 12 years. I began my teaching career at Spencer and continue it now at Spencer-Westlawn. I  currently hold a BS and a MS in Elementary Education. I am the lead math teacher as well as the CCRS facilitator at the school. I am the lead 4th grade teacher. I love teaching, it is my passion. I have two sons, both married. I am a grandmother of 5. I sincerely encourage my students to be thinkers and reasoners. I believe that students should be questioners. I encourage my students to check information they receive and never accept information without checking for themselves. I encourage my students to communicate  their ideas and to be able to clearly and concisely disseminate their thinking and ideas to others. We practice a family setting in the classroom. I believe each student in my class is capable of success. Their level of success is measured by their individual achievements. I expect my students very best at all times and do not accept mediocrity. My motto is strive for excellence at all times.

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